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We can't speak about Biriatou without his smuggling histories. In fact, the free circulation of goods was a reality before Maastricht treaty and she animated our nights.

1939/1945 : Second mondial war and German's occupation. It has been the time to make cross the Pyrenees to people who want to run away France, Comète group evacuate English aviators who crashed in french territory and also the resistants who wanted to join Great Britain.

During the sixties, there was portuguese people who goes to Paris and the north or to pick fruits in the Lot et Garonne, to gather grapes near Bordeaux. A bit later it at been the turn of north africans.

During the eighties, thousands of calf who went to fatten in Spain, horses when they could'nt pass the bridge because of the equine plague, they crossed the river or the mountains one bhind the other.

Alcohols, cognac to the south, wine and other spirituous to the north and sometimes food (coffee, saccharin, clams...)  have transited from our village.

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